from Steve Immitt
July 11, 1998

Dear U.S. Junior Championship Competitors,

     Qualifying for the United States Junior Championship, one of America's
premier chess events, is a tremendous achievement-- the culmination, really,
of much hard work on your part. On behalf of the Marshall Chess Club,  please
accept my congratulations on your accomplishment.

     The Marshall Chess Club has a proud tradition of supporting excellence in
scholastic and youth chess, and hosting the U.S. Junior Championship
represents the culmination of much work on our part towards this goal as well.
It is an honor for us to have you here.

     The Club has underwent an extensive renovation of its facilities (over 80
years of chess can exact their toll!) from top to bottom.  We hope that our
"new" club provides a worthy home for your chess endeavors and a gateway for
your future chess triumphs.

The best of luck to all.
Sincerely, Steve Immitt Tournament Organizer


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