Interplay Interplay 1998 Interplay
U.S. Junior Chess Championship

July 11 - 20, 1998; Marshall Chess Club;
23 West Tenth Street, New York, NY; (212) 477-3716

The tournament was won by Igor Shliperman, who won the playoffs over Michael Mulyar. All games are posted.

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New games are generally available first at ICC in the usjr98 library.

Players (as depicted from left to right): Donny Ariel, Gregory Braylovsky, Dean Ippolito, Shearwood Mc Clelland, Michael Mulyar, Eugene Perelshteyn, Gregory Shahade, Igor Shliperman, John Viloria Dmitry Zilberstein,
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Welcomes from Tournament Organizers Steve Immitt and Howard Prince


    Name                       Rating St. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TOT
  1 Mulyar, Michael A...........2459   CO X W W W D D D W D D   6.5 
  2 Ariel, Donny................2416   NY L X D L D W W L W D   4.5  
  3 Ippolito, Dean..............2441   NJ L D X W D D W L L D   4  
  4 Viloria, John...............2355   MA L W L X D L W D D L   3.5  
  5 Perelshteyn, Eugene.........2497   MA D D D D X W W W D D   6  
  6 Shahade, Gregory............2391   PA D L D W L X D L W D   4   
  7 Zilberstein, Dmitry.........2385   CA D L L L L D X W W L   3  
  8 Braylovsky, Gregory.........2318   NJ L W W D L W L X L L   3.5
  9 Mc Clelland, Shearwood......2244   NJ D L W D D L L W X L   3.5  
  10 Shliperman, Igor...........2556   NY D D D W D D W W W X   6.5   

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    Schedule of Rounds

  • July 11 Round 1 Noon BMCC
  • July 12 Round 2 Noon BMCC
  • July 13 Round 3 Noon Marshall Chess Club
  • July 14 Round 4 Noon Marshall Chess Club
  • July 15 Round 5 Noon Marshall Chess Club
  • July 16 Round 6 Noon Marshall Chess Club
  • July 17 Round 7 Noon Marshall Chess Club
  • July 18 Round 8 BMCC
  • July 19 Round 9 Marshall Chess Club (note change)
  • July 19 Playoffs Marshall Chess Club

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